Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I looked away for second!

My favorite white sweater finally lost the clasp that was hanging on for life by one weak little string. I am sick and don't want to go anywhere today, so I figure this is the best time of any to fix the damn thing
Step 1: Where do I keep the sewing stuff? Under the bed: no; In the closet: no; well that is all the storage I have, Look in the closet again: oh there it is!

Step 2: Thread the needle. This takes a good 15 minutes

Step 3: Throw Tate across the room for trying to eat the needle. No not the thread like most cats. Tate wants the needles

Step 4: Sew on clasp. Look it over, realize it looks horrible, tear it out and do it again. Looks horrible again but patience is not my best suit

Step 5: I hear Tate cough. I look over and he has the end of my thread all the way down and is about to struggle on the needle! I panic of course and grap the needle and pull...and pull....and pull...and pull. I think I used too much tread. Finally got my wet yellow coated thread back. Tate purrs.

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