Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A pain in my ass

The battle ensues with strength and honor. Pirates chase my companions and me along the arcade floor(?). Well that is weird; but yes, indeed, it appears to be a glass floor with patterns that light up and make different tones to the way you run over them. Each member of the team creates their own theme song and they flee for their lives. Thankfully, we are able to easily outrun the Pirates (their wooden legs slow them down). Cheers of glee and thankfulness rise as we celebrate another day.
OUCH!!! I got hit by an arrow in the left butt cheek! Wow, that seriously really hurts. I try to move my leg, but pain radiates all over my body and shocks the wound like a bolt of lightning. I am now more than ever thankful for my loyal companions as they quickly pick me up and carry me to a safe shelter.
This shelter is my elementary school best friends house. Toddlers run in circles and giggle when they hit head on. I realize that there is in fact an arrow sticking out of my left but cheek. I need someone to look at the wound to access the severity of my situation. I show my best friend and she screams in fright that a black blood-like substance spills from the wound.
I roll over in bed and wake up. All day my left but cheek has been sore...

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