Monday, March 15, 2010

Beautiful Shining Smiles:)

I have noticed recently that I haven't been getting nearly as many compliments on my smile as I used to. On the risk of sounding overly self involved, I will let you know that I usually was complimented on my smile every other day or so. I would hope so with the six years Dad had to pay for braces, rubber bands, head gear, and retainers. I decided to splurge thirty bucks and get one of those at home whitening kits. I used the Target brand one (which is wonderful), but the chemicals may have gone past my teeth a little....

My first warning that this was going to be an odd dream was that my cat was cuddling with me perfectly on the couch while I was searching for his new daddy on Eharmony. Tate doesn't cuddle nice. Nonetheless, that is how things start.
My second warning that this dream was going to be exceptionally unusual was the fact that I was conversing with a handsome, successful, Twin's fanatic with season tickets. HA! Twin's Fan and I were in the middle of professing our love for each other when I realized that the white strips in my mouth had been there for an hour and a half instead of the recommended half hour. I paniced and ran to the bathroom to pull the things out. I did so and looked in the mirror. There was very bad news. Not only in the dream was the new "fashion" in society to color our teeth like we do our nails, but I had shiny turquoise teeth with holes rotted through the middle! I remember the exact detail of the rotted out area. It was the consistency of, and identical in appearance to, an overly used brown sponge. I went back to my computer to schedule an emergency appointment the next day with my dentist and reassure Twin's Fan that I was still there. Little did I know, Twin's Fan had a fancy new technology that allowed him to view who he is talking to without the person knowing. Twin's Fan saw my teeth, freaked out and let me know that he was going to write the Twin's organization to make sure I didn't get tickets to any game this season. I cried for hours until my head became so moist the teeth simply fell out.

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