Thursday, April 1, 2010

Run in the Sun

So I live in my sister's basement. Like a usual basement it has a concrete floor, concrete walls, and a few itty bitty little windows. My living area is about the size of a large studio apartment which does not give my very large cat much to do. Now that the weather is nice I thought I would take him out for a walk. I went and bought a cat harness and leash, but apparently they don't make them big enough for Tate. A dog harness it is. The only problem with a dog harness is that they are made for dogs. Cats are much more flexible and can squirm out if need be. Well I made the harness really tight so Tate wouldn't be able to get out. The first half an hour went great! He was interested in the trees and the yard and yelled at some creature under the porch. Tate then decided it was time to crawl into one of the basement window wells and take a little nap. "Ha!" I thought, "I am not gonna sit out here doing nothing productive if all my cat wants to do is nap. I might as well bring him inside if he is done exploring." So I pull on Tate's leash to get him to come to me. Cat's know that they are the boss and he was ever so offended that I would pull on a leash to get him to me. No, instead he backed out of the harness and took off to the back porch. I wrested him for about 15 minutes to get get a good grip. My cat has no claws and this was the end result


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